Candidatos da rede privada convocados para matrícula do PROFMAT

UNIVERSITY OF THE STATE OF RIO DE JANEIRO – SÃO GONÇALO POLE OF PPG PROFESSIONAL MASTERS IN NETWORK MATHEMATICS – PROFMAT The Professional Master’s Program in Mathematics in a National Network of the State University of Rio de Janeiro – PROFMAT/UERJ – SÃO GONÇALO, announces the call from the PRIVATE NETWORK ENA 2024 – UERJ-SÃO GONÇALO

Candidates from the private network invited to enroll, the form was sent via email to those invited:


Below is the information for private network registration for dissemination.

– Date: 12/18/2023 and 12/19/2023.
– Location: IME Postgraduate Office [room 6007 B, block B, 6th floor] – Rua São Francisco Xavier 524, Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro/RJ.
– Time: 2pm to 6:30pm.

Enrollment will be in person and copies of some documents must be sent in advance by email, as per the instructions below.

1 – The documents below must be separated, scanned and sent in advance (before attending in person for registration) to the email [ ] with the subject “PROFMAT 2024 Registration”:
> a) diploma (front and back) or certificate (front and back) of completion of the undergraduate course in PDF;
> b) complete transcript of the undergraduate course in PDF;
> c) identity and CPF in PDF.
> Attention! The scanning of documents cannot be blurred, out of focus, misaligned, dark, illegible or with cut margins or sections; It is necessary to send a single PDF file for each type of document, that is, the transcript must be a single PDF file with the respective pages, as well as the diploma, ID and CPF.

2nd – On the day of registration (18/12/2023 and 19/12/2023), present the following documents in person:
> a1) original diploma or certificate of completion of the undergraduate course, to be authenticated by the secretariat;
> b1) original of the complete undergraduate course transcript, to be authenticated by the secretariat;
> c1) original identity document and CPF, to be authenticated by the secretariat;
> d) deliver the printed original of the CV to the CAPES Freire Platform ( );
> e) submit the original registration form (attachment) filled out in the text editor, signed in pen;
> f) deliver the original declaration from the school Director that he/she is teaching Mathematics in Basic Education with a notarized signature and with a maximum previous date of 30 days, self-declaration being prohibited;
> g) it is necessary that the educational establishment is properly organized in the manner recommended by Law No. 9,394/96 (LDB), therefore, it is necessary that the declaration mentioned in item f (above) be accompanied by a copy of the document for authorization of functioning, which may be an ordinance, opinion, resolution of a competent body or publication in the Official Gazette.
– registration may be carried out by third parties through a formal power of attorney with a notarized signature;
– questions regarding enrollment should be sent to the email .

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